How to choose an Offshore Bulgarian Translation Agency!

Posted on February 8, 2022 | Posted by Axiom Translations

This insight will help you understand what to look for when you choose a Bulgarian translation provider. Also you will discover why having your products and services distributed in Bulgaria could be a pleasant surprise.

What to Look for in Bulgarian Translation Provider?

There are a couple of important elements to look for when you look for a Bulgarian translation provider. Here is the list:

Legit Company

First one in the list is to ensure that you are hiring a legit company to do the job for you. To ensure the entity you would like to do business with is legitimate you can easily check their company house registered documents as well as their VAT number. If the company you chose to work with is registered in Bulgaria you can use the Republic of Bulgaria registry agency webpage. also verify their tax status on the webpage of the National Revenue Agency.

Professionalism and Industry Certifications

Next on the list is to ensure that the company you will hire is of the highest professional caliber. To do that, you can check their web presence. For example, have a look at their social media, website or google profile. Also, have in mind that in the translation industry, ISO certificates can help you distinguish which companies are really professional. ISO 17100 is a comprehensive methodology which ensures that translation companies have the necessary tools, systems and human capital to provide proficient translations.

Native Translators

The third important element to look for is the presence of native translators with relevant education and industry experience. To be more specific, you can ask your translation agency contact to provide you a couple of anonymized CVs of their Bulgarian translators team.

Customer Service

The next point to take into account when you are choosing a Bulgarian translation service provider is to assess the expertise of their project management team as well as their customer service skills. To do so, you can drop an email or give a call to the company you are interested to work with. Ask a couple of relevant questions for your project. Usually, you will be able to sense how serious and reliable the company is.

Sector Expertise of your Bulgarian Translation Provider

Sector expertise is important. Perhaps, it is even crucial in the translation industry. Let’s imagine for a second the potential impact of an incorrectly translated medical manual, incorrectly written technical manual or a wrongly worded web page. In all of those cases, there is a high probability that the reputation of your brand can be impacted negatively. You could also lose customers. This is why, prior to closing a Bulgarian translation service provider you can ask about their experience with translating specific content. For example, if you are localising gaming website – you can ask your potential service provider what gaming companies they have previously worked with, if you are medical device manifacturer you can check what is their experience with medical translations and etc.

Bulgarian Market a Pleasant Surprise?

Growing Disposable Income

Bulgaria’s economy is open and with a very low tax rates. As a result, it has attracted a number of domestic and foreign investors over the last decade. This has led to significant increases in household disposable income as well as increased investments and expenditures by businesses. According to the World Bank, national GNI for Bulgaria went from 7010 USD in 2010 to 9630 USD in 2020. More disposable income, usually means more spending.

Loads of International Exposure

Having your brand in Bulgaria, does not mean that it will be only seen, recognised and used by the local population. It also means that your brand, products or services will be exposed to the growing number of tourists visiting the country. In 2019, according to World Data, about 13 million people visited the country. This is also a consistently growing pattern.

Growing Spending Patterns

According to Trading Economics , an economic data powerhouse, the Bulgarian government has been on growing spending pattern over the last couple of years. This pattern is set to continue. A number of large projects are currently underway in crucial sectors such as energy, infrastructure and IT. International and local businesses are also investing in the country. This usually happens in the R&D domain. A recent example is a landmark 250 million USD investment by Swiss-Singaporean software company Acronis.

How we can help?

Axiom Translate is a Bulgarian company. We can help you not only as a Bulgarian translation service provider. We can be your single stop language solutions provider covering a large spectrum of languages, industries and related services. Drop us a message so that we can discuss how you can benefit from our expertise.

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