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Our translation cost calculator is a tool that can help you gain an understanding of what your translation costs are most likely going to look like. The calculator is free and easy to use. It can quickly assist you with your budget planning. Actual translation costs can vary on depending on your specific requirements.


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How to Make the Most of our Translation Cost Calculator?

To make the most of our translation cost calculator you need to fill in the fields below. First, please select the service you are looking to get a quote for. Then move and pick your source language. Third, do indicate what are your target languages. Feel free to choose more than one if you have a truly multi-lingual project in hand.

The next step in the process of making the most from our translation calculator is to choose the type of service you are looking for. There are multiple options in the dropdown. Do select the one which you know is the most suitable for your specific requirement. For tailor made services, please drop us an email with your exact requirements and we will come back to you.

Next, if you have a specific idea about the length of the document you need help on, please fill in the corresponding field. To get more accurate translation cost estimate please attach the specific file you need to be translated. It is generally better to attach a source file as it allows our calculator to work out more accurate translation cost estimate.

If you are interested to proceed further with your quote do fill you contact details. This is how our team can come back to you and proceed further with the project. Finally, click on calculate to button to check what is the approximative cost for your project.

How does our Translation Cost Calculator work?

Axiom Translates' calculator generates approximative service cost quotes based on a number of variables that you have specified. First, it takes into account the source language that you have selected. Second, it looks at the target language(s) that you have selected. Third, the system takes into account the service that you have selected. What is more if you have attached a specific file there is an analytical layer that kicks in. Based on the analytics produced from the file (if attached), as well as the target languages the system computes all inputs and produces an estimated cost for your project.

Our experience of translating millions of words annually shows that there are many reasons why actual project costs can vary. When working with a customer we take into account a number of additional factors including but not limited to the specific industry focus of the text, the services required, the number of languages worked on, the type of partnership in place as well as the relationship we have built.

Translation cost per hour?

Translation cost per hour is a service that can be applied to generic texts where no second pair of eyes check is required. Depending on the target language your need help with as we the specific industry you can expect to pay at least 45 EUR per hour for professional services.

Translation cost per page?

On a single page you can have different number of words. As general approximation a single paged document can contain about 500 words. In such case scenario you can expect to pay about 80 EUR for human translation editing and proofreading, such cost basis would usually include a four-eye check service. The cost above is exclusive of repetitions and other discount your translation provider can apply. Costs will be influenced further by the industry specifics of the translated text. To get the exact costs for your project you can click here.

Translation cost per word?

Translation costs per word vary based on various factors. To start with you need to look at what is your target translation language. Second, you need to take into account whether you are looking at human or machine translation. Third, you need to understand well the specifics of the text ( industry, purpose, etc). As an example, you can expect to pay more for legal and highly specific medical texts and less for more generic translations. Typical industry average TEP rate for European languages would around 0.16 EUR per word for generic texts. To get the exact costs for your project you can click here.

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