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At Axiom translate we put the people at forefront of everything we do as a company. We focus on quality, and we do our best to attract high caliber talent. We are always keen to partner with new professional freelance translators, especially covering Scandinavian and European languages.

There are a number of benefits on working with our company as a freelancer translator. Axiom translate offers competitive payment rates and mutually protective terms. Given the nature of our customers we prefer to forge long term partnerships and repeatedly work with the same team of linguists.

Privacy matters to us, therefore our team proudly protects your data by enforcing the most demanding data security standards. Flexibility is part of our DNA. As a result, we have built a dedicated portal where external contractors can manage their own calendar, see all the projects they have worked on as well upload their invoices, receive payment confirmations and much more. If you wonder what other freelancers say about us, we encourage you to check our Proz profile. We have constantly been rated 5/5 of starts.

Join as a Freelancer

Why Joining Axiom Translate as a Freelancer?

Working as a freelancer can be a rewarding career choice. There are many arguments why to join a company like Axiom Translate as a professional contractor. Below, we’ll highlight why joining Axiom Translate as a freelancer is the right choice for your career development.

Firstly, Axiom Translate has been around for well over 4 years and it’s among the translation agencies that are well known for providing steady and consistent workload.

We stand out with our personalized approach towards people. Axiom Translate is people focused, as such complimentary mutually respectful relationships are always established.

Our self-employed colleagues are true team members while keeping absolute freedom of their daily schedule and much higher degree of personal independence. As Axiom Translate operates 24/7, freelance colleagues have full flexibility to choose where and when they work.

Another reason to join our constantly growing global team is the variety of customers we serve as well as the multitude of projects you can work on.

Our externally contracted partners are offered learning opportunities at par with our full-time colleagues. For example, those often include data security and privacy trainings as well as industry specific workshops.

Senior leaders in the company regularly say that to attract the best talent you need to create and develop it yourself. It is also not uncommon for us to offer more senior significant full-time opportunities to our professional vendors.

We would love to hear from you so have a look at what the application process to join our growing community of more than 6000 professionals is.

What are the Benefits of Working with Axiom Translate as a Freelancer?

We dedicate a significant amount of efforts to build a reliable and highly knowledgeable team. Certainly, being surrounded by the some of the brightest people in the translation industry will bring direct benefits for you.

At Axiom Translate commit to delivering a regular workload compensated on industry leading rates and payment terms.

Also, there is a lot of appreciation for everyone’s work clear two-way communication and a lot of fun along the way.

Finally, it is always encouraging to learn and interact with growing community of 6000 handpicked professionals.

What is the Freelance Application Process at Axiom Translate?

The process to join our team of leading superstars is simple and straightforward. There are a couple of steps to be followed.

Step number one includes making an application by following that link. Before, we can understand whether we are a good fit for each other we need to get to know you a little.

Please answer as many of the questions within our form you can and click submit. The more we know about how strong your expertise is the more likely we are to work with you. Next is to look at our contacts.

We love transparency and equality. This is why we ensure that each and every single member of our free-lance team signs the same set of documents. These include three agreements.

GDPR Agreement

To ensure that you know how your data is going to be stored, processed, and recycled you will have to sign a GDRP agreement. By strictly applying GDPR Regulation to all our global operations we ensure that an industry benchmark is set.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Data security and confidentiality matter a lot in our industry, even more so to our award winning team. As part of our long term commitment to excel in the industry it is required to sign an NDA.

General Contract for Linguistic Services

The general contract for linguistic service is a document that explains in detail how our mutually beneficial relationship is formed.

Once you have carefully read and diligently signed our agreements five things happen.

  • First you get and email with a copy of all the questions you answered.
  • Second, for your benefit we also send you a copy with your signed agreements.
  • Third, our resource coordination team members have a look at your application. They ensure that your experience and expertise correspond to our expectations.
  • The following step in the process is for you to complete a paid for assignment where your competences will be verified and practically proven.
  • Finally, our team will send you your user credentials for our contracted professionals’ portal. The next step in the process is our first project together.

Welcome on-board!

How Does it Look to Work in Axiom Translate as a Freelancer?

Our pool of freelancer colleagues is vast and diverse. Although, our external contracts serve different industries, time zones, clients there are similarities in the way their typical day looks like.

For example, let’s take one of our freelancer colleagues with strong healthcare expertise, part of our Finnish language team and describe how a weekday of hers looks like.

It would be a day where she wakes grabs a coffee and logins to her PC. She works on finishing some of yesterdays’ editing and proofreading projects before she submits them to our in house quality assurance team for further verification.

11:00am CET is a common deadline for some of our projects.

After 11:00am while our Finnish team member is taking a break she receives a message from Kara (one of our project managers) who is asking her if she can help with another project for one of our North American clients. This time the deadline is in the begging of the next week and the task in hand is much bigger.

Our Finnish freelance colleague thn confirms that she can take on the task at hand and thanks Kara for trusting her with such a specific and mentally stimulating project.

While she is working on the project she is in direct communication with our operations team. All her clarification questions as well as queries around vocabulary and style are promptly answered by our team. Its 17:30pm CET now, our Finnish freelancer colleague needs to go to the nursery and pick up her 3 years old son. She than submits her invoice for the previous project on our portal.

Although this is not the only way how working as a freelancer with Axiom Translate can look like, it is fairly representative of how many of our freelancer colleagues spend their day while working for us.

What Type of Jobs I Can Expect While Working with Axiom Translate?

Axiom Translate is a translation agency which is focused in serving multiple industries. These tend to be market research, healthcare as well as its subindustries, as well as iGaming and e-learning.

We help our clients solving their challenges by providing them with the most competent and professional teams.

While sectors vary many of the jobs that we offer are related to translation, editing and proofreading tasks.

Some of our freelancers also help with voice over, coding, and back translations, editing, MTPE and DTP.

Others of our expert contractors help with producing content and effective story telling. It is not uncommon when we help with cultural sensitivity.

We also help with market entry strategies and localization of complex tasks including SEO localization.

Sometimes our freelancers help with other specific on demand tailored tasks such as testing and Q&A. Axoim translate is a customer centric, premium serviced focused agency and all our team members both inhouse and external strive to provide qualitative, punctual and exquisite solutions to all clients.

What Other Freelancers Say About Working with Axiom Translate?

We live in a world where unbiased information is available. This is why you can easily check what our freelancers say about working with us is like. To facilitate your task let us post some of the information available in the public domain.

“ Very good communication, nice PMs who answer quickly on queries and give clear instructions. Online system works well for projects and invoicing, prompt payment. Always a pleasure! “ Marie S

“ Great agency, flexible approach and very efficient, friendly contact. We work together on creative marketing projects. Always a pleasure to work with the team.” Marta S.

After some tasks and a constructive clarification with Plamen on an unfortunate technical mix up (no one’s fault), I can say: excellent team to work with. Professional and friendly + honest rates. Gorgio R. “Interesting projects, professional PMs, fair payment always on time. Highly recommended! “ Octavian B.

“ Excellent agency, friendly and professional PMs, the projects are well managed, and they show their appreciation for the translators' work, which seems to be a rare thing among agencies.” Benoit E.

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