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Posted on May 13, 2021 | Posted by Axiom Translations

This insight will share some basic rules when it comes to choosing a reliable linguistic services provider, both as a client and as an employer. It will show how while you ensure that your Data Privacy and Security are protected you will also receive a genuine linguistic service.

Data Security Policy

Whether you are choosing a linguistic services provider for your content, translation or voice over, it is wise to ensure that the institution you are intending to deal with has got the right framework in place to secure your data and privacy. First, the presence of Data Security Policy is a good indication. Additionally, the presence of a well defined cookie policy is also a positive sign about the institution that you intent to deal with. Finally, if the company you are intending to establish a relationship with is based out of the EU they must follow the GDPR standard and this should be visible on their webpage. It is wise to apply the same criteria if you are looking to work for a linguistic service provider be it on a full time or a freelance basis. Our agency for example has made public its GDPR and data security policies, you can have a look here, the same applies for all our other policies.

Email Addresses

Choosing with who to work for on a full time or free lance basis as well as deciding on a linguistic service provider must be a process that involves a couple of steps ensuring appropriate due diligence. Scammers usually try to impersonate someone in order to lure a potential client or service provider to do something of their benefit. Our practice shows that when communicating with a company verifying the domain name of the email address you liaise with is very useful. For example in our organisation we use email addresses with our domain names @axiomtranslate.com and @axiomtranslate.net. The experience we have shows that email addresses using free domain names such as @gmail.com and other common names, claiming to be a part of an organisation with their own domain are usually suspicious. As a general rule of thumb please only reply to emails received from the domain names of the organisation you would like to partner with.

Ask a Question

When you do not know something adopting the strategy to ask usually pays off. For example, if you are unsure whether the person you are dealing with is genuine and a staff member of the organisation you would like to establish a relationship with it is wise to drop an email to check whether it is the case. Most language service providers have a contact us page on their website and a generic email address that you could use. You can use this link to drop us an email.


Whether you are working with a service provider as a client or a service provider yourself, it is important to ensure that the right legal agreements are in place. We would recommend not to become a customer or a supplier to any organisation in the LSP industry without having a formal set of contracts. When signing an agreement with a counter-party it is important to ensure that you are aware of the governing law, the payments terms as well as quality claims procedure. Once an agreement is signed both your interests and your business partners’ are protected.

Genuine Service

If you follow all the above steps, chances are that you will select a professional organisation to partner with whether it is as a supplier or a vendor. Working with professional organisations in return means that the service you will receive will be qualitative, structured and hassle free. The same general rule of thumb applies if you would like to offer your services as a free lancer or a full time team member. At Axiom Translate, we value data privacy and security as much as we value the high caliber service we deliver every day.

How we can help you?

We are known experts in high quality one stop shop linguistic services provider. Axiom Translate never compromises. As industry experts we can also help you better assess whether your current translation partner is the right match for you. Rest assured your data and privacy will be respected. Drop us a line to have an exploratory call.

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