The secrets of high quality translation exposed!

Posted on June 3, 2020 | Posted by Axiom Translations

This insight will share some insights about to test your translation provider on the quality they provide. You will understand what it is as well as why it is important for your business. Ready? Let us take the driving seat and share some expertise.

What is High Quality Translation?

High quality translation from one language to another is when the target language content is free of errors. Furthermore, it is when the meaning of the text is also kept intact.

Quantitative methodologies exist to identify and prove the quality of a translation. Translation Quality Index methodology is a common method. It measures the number and type of errors and calculates a score. The score is indicative of the quality of translation.

Quality assessment procedure has to also meet a set of criteria in order to be objective. As the subject is technical and interesting at the same time, our team can point out to the following book from Cambridge scholars publishing.

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Why Quality Translation is Important?

First and foremost, because you want to make sure that the message you deliver across borders is kept intact. At the same time you need to ensure that local culture code is respected.

Translated texts have an important impact on the economy. As we transact often internationally and exchange goods constantly we need to make sure that people are well aware of the details when they purchase a product or a service.

Attention to detail is really important. In some industries is literally crucial to human lives. For example, let’s imagine the potential impact of a wrongly translated medication guide or instructions for use of a life saving drug. How about incorrectly translated user manual for a plane engine or a medical device used in hospitals?

Translated texts are responsible for the first impressions a potential customer will have of your product. As a result, grammar, spelling and ortho-typographical, syntactic rules of the target language must be scrupulously respected.

Quality Translation Ensured

How can you ensure translation quality? It is a good question. In the translation industry there are a set of rules that are part of the quality assurance process.

The process starts with a choice of translator who will handle the task. The translator has to be native language speakers. Furthermore, linguists need to have a formal translation training and specialize in the field they are translating (medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, igaming, etc).

Second, come the editors. They proofread the already translated text and ensure accuracy. This process helps to make sure that errors are eliminated. Ideally, there should be at least two pairs of eyes or two separate editors to validate the translation of the initial translation.

Third come a set of complex software tools and an additional set eyes. MemoQ, Verifika, Trados, Xbench and many others ensure that punctuation and consistency are respected. At the same time, a native Q&A tester ensures that the human translated, machine quality accessed text is error free.

What Questions to Ask your Translation Company?

In order to understand whether the translation and localization provider you are intending to work with is professional and can take care of ensuring your high quality translation you need to ask questions. Like with anything, the more the better.

You can ask questions about the selection of translators who will be working on your project. Are they native or non native speakers. Additionally, you can ask about the editing process as well as the Q&A process including tools and testers.

Finally, the aspect of localization is really important when discussing quality translation. We will explore that in more detail in another insight.

How we can help you?

We are known experts in high quality translation. Axiom translate never compromises. Our company can help you with high quality translation, content and localization. As industry experts we will also help you better assess whether your current translation partner is the right match for you . Drop us a line to have an exploratory call.

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