Market Research Translations

Axiom Translate offers accurate Marketing Research translations to and into more than 50 languages. Our team has spent years helping various comapnies in the industry. We understands the value of language accuracy when running a marketing survey across various markets.

When it comes to translating marketing research questionnaires there is no room for errors. This is the reason why we only employ expert native translators meeting the ISO 17100 standard with marketing research experience to work on your projects. In other words, only handpicked university qualified linguistic experts with more than five years of relevant industry experience will be tasked to translate your projects.  

What are Marketing Research Translations? 

Marketing research translations are the processes of converting your original survey or questionnaire text into an accurate polished version in your target language. The processes consists of using the relevant terminology alongside localising your text so that it meets your target language culture code.  

Our aim is to adapt an error free approach each and every single step of the marketing research translation process into more than 50 languages straight away.  

The Process behind Axiom Translate Marketing Translation 

Our goal is to ensure your marketing research audience gets the right message across the globe.  This happens in a three step process: 

Axiom translate ensures that all the marketing research translations undergo rigorous control checks before they get delivered to our clients 

Given our experience in the marketing research industry, cutting edge inhouse technology and qualitative team we deliver 30% faster service than our peer group 

In the marketing research industry attention to detail and speed are crucial, this why we use a proprietary four step approach to ensure quality and speed of delivery

Why are marketing research translations so important to Our Company? 

Demand for one stop shop marketing research is growing exponentially. The ability to serve your clients without occurring supplementary fixed costs is key for our success. Our translation and localization expertise will allow you to reach larger potential customer audiences while you focus at what you know best.  

Partner with Axiom Translate and we will ensure error free translations for your projects. You can get a quote here.